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     The most extensive national park of Thailand, occupying a largely unexplored area of 2,915 square kilometers (1.7 million rai of land), Kaeng Krachan was declared a national park on 12 June 1981. The park is located 53.5 kilometers from the city and is 3 kilometers beyond Khuean Kaeng Krachan (Kaeng Krachan Dam).

       The park covers a reservoir and year round green jungle in the Tanaosri Ranges, which are the origins of many rivers, including Maenam Phetchaburi and
Maenam Pranburi. The unexploited, wholesome jungle makes the parkrich in flora and fauna. In addition, visitors may spot leopards, tigers and elephants. The 18-level waterfall named Namtok Tho Thip, located approximately 54 kilometers from the Park Office on the Sai Wang Won-Namtok Tho Thip route is worth a visit. There are viewpoints along the route are not only suitable for bird and butterfly watching but also provide magnificent views of misty mountains in the morning.

      For trekking enthusiasts, Khao Panoen Thung (currently being promoted by the TAT) offers a challenge at a height of 1,207 meters above sea level. This is a great place to witness the spectacular morning sea of mist with the best part being when visitors have to walk down to see the morning mist and then walk back up to the camp. Other popular activities include bird and butterfly watching and rafting along Maenam Phetchaburi, which takes approximately 6 hours, passing rapids and several smaller rivers. The starting point for river rafting is the park area. Please not that only 4 wheel drive vehicles can take visitors to the starting trail and that the only facilities provided are a camping area and toilets.. Please contact the park ranger for additional information at 032 459293 .

      Kaeng Krachan Dam, which has a height of 58 meters, length of 760 meters, was completed in 1966. This dam was constructed because the Phetch Dam cannot store water and when the water level in the Phetch River is too high it has to be released uselessly. Therefore, Kaeng Krachan Dam was constructed to store water, to be delivered to the Phetch Dam for distribution into the irrigated area. The Dam provides visitors with a stunning scenic viewpoint of the reservoir and its islands while the most popular activity is a cruising trip on the reservoir.

      Natural Pine Tree Hill This place is located 9 kilometers from the park office along the road on top of the dam. On the hilltop, there are scenic stopovers, cliffs and rock garden to visit. Getting there : Take Highway No.4, then make a right turn at kilometer 186-187 markers and continue for another 30 kilometers. Accommodation & admission Kaeng Krachan National Park provides accommodations overlooking an extensive landscaped reservoir. Book your accommodation in advance at 032 459293 . Admission fee is 200 baht / person.
The Kaeng Krachan National Park offers camping area for people who want spent their nights gazing at the stars. In addition, there are also toilet facilities provided by the park.

     There are many birds and animals from several zoogeographic zones residing together in Thailand. Comparing to our neighborhood countries, Thailand has a unique outstanding zoogeography. Thailand as situated in the middle of the Oriental Region, which is geographically called Indo-Chinese Sub-Region, a zone that supports various kinds of bird species. Thailand support 986 specie bird or 10% from total specie bird in the world. The best season for birding is winter. October to February, is the most suitable time for birdwatching in Thailand, because many of those, which have their origins in Pale-arctic Region in Northern Asia, usually migrates to reside and retreat in Thailand. The winter-retreated birds are normally called Non-breeding Visitors. In this season, both Thai and foreign birdwatchers are quite excited because the numbers of bird species found in Thailand, will be double! In rainy or dry season, many kinds of the migrants come to build their nest and laid there eggs. They are called "Breeding Visitor".

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