Baan Maka Nature Lodge

Run by nature lovers for nature lovers

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Bird Guiding in Kaeng Krachan NP

Games : Full day - 4,000 Baht for up to 4 people, Morning only - 2,500 Baht for up to 4 people, Speaks conversational English.

Piak : Full day - 3,000 Baht for up to 7 people. Morning only - 2,000 Baht for up to 7 people. Transport included, NP fees not included. Knows the bird/mammal names in English and some other basic English. 

Son : Full day - 2,700 Baht for up to 7 people, Morning only - 2,000 Baht for up to 7 people. Knows the common bird/mammal names in English and a little other basic English.

All prices with transport included, NP fees not included.

Bird guiding in other locations

Games - 4,000 Baht for up to 4 people + 2000 Baht car hire + fuel.

Night walks in or near the lodge

One of our staff will be happy to take you on a 90 minute night walk to look for reptiles, mammals and owls - 200 Baht person (min 500 Baht). Please bring a good torch.


Trips to the park

We offer a drop-off and pick-up service into the park (Ban Krang campground).
This costs 600 Baht for 1 to 4 people.

We can also arrange a pick-up truck with seating for up to 10 people to take you around the lower levels of the park for half a day. 1,600 Baht. No guiding.


Transfers to/from the Lodge

We can organise taxi/minibus transfers from Bangkok / Hua Hin and other local areas.

Bangkok - Baan Maka is 2900 Baht one way (1-3 people).

Bangkok - Baan Maka is 4500 Baht one way (4-8 people). 

Lodge vehicle
Baan Maka to local hides, Kaeng Krachan town or HQ area. Prices are based on fuel and staff usage and cost between 50 Baht and 200 Baht.


Park Info

Kaeng Krachan National Park is open from Nov 1st until July 31st.

For non-Thais the price of entry is 300 baht per adult and 150 Baht per child.

There is a one way system from the bottom of the mountain (km 17) to the top (km 30). (Road not currently open)

Up: 5.30am to 7.30am & 1pm to 3pm
Down: 9am to 10am & 4pm to 5pm

The entrance gate opens at 5am and shuts at 5pm but once in you do not have to leave until 7pm (be careful of elephants after 6pm) .

The road and trails can be visited without a guide but for those who prefer not to walk alone, a general nature tour can be booked. Both Games and Son are happy to run these tours. Please see the Guiding column on the left for prices.


Whale Watching

If anyone would like us to organise a whale-watching trip between September and December we will promote the date here and look for others to join to make the minimum of 5 needed.

Price - 1500 Baht per person including drinks and packed lunch.

Transfers - Only transfers from Baan Maka Nature Lodge will be organised by us - 300 Baht per person. Others will have to get to Bang Taboon themselves. These trips are open to everyone, not just Baan Maka guests. 

Trip dates for 2019

Nov 21st - 3 people booked. Need 2 more people.

Please contact us if you would like to join in.


Pha Nam Yot Waterfall

There is a small parking and entrance fee. Car Park - N 12 42 44, E 99 38 49.

The trail is best walked in the wet season when the stream is running. On the walk you will cross the stream a few times. We suggest you borrow some rubber boots from the lodge. These will help with both comfort and safety on the wet rocks.

We also suggest you take a packed lunch and some swimwear.

A driver with car can be arranged for 1,600 Baht for a half day.